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COVID -19 : GOLDEN AGE, more than ever at your side!


In accordance with the measures taken by the National Security Council on April 24, GOLDEN AGE is working again, respecting all the measures in force since the beginning of the lockdown.

During the COVID - 19 crisisis, we have decided to put things in place for our seniors and their families by joining forces with partner companies. Those partnerships are working well, that's why we decided to continue.

Below you will find explanations about the FOOD PACK developed by GREAT Traiteur, and the Senior Tab, developed by Digital Seniors (a Belgian company), to give you the opportunity to get in touch with loved ones whom we can no longer visit at the moment.


Food Pack

GOLDEN Age, joined forces with Great Traiteur, in order to provide FOOD PACK's to simplify the daily life of elderly and isolated people as well as their families.

The FOOD PACK, a vacuum-packed ready meal solution.

The principle is simple: you make your choice on their site, using the "order" button below, among the seasonal dishes prepared by their chefs. The menu changes every week.

The meals will be delivered to your home on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays.

Touch tablet for Seniors

Senior Tab is a touch tablet, developed by one of our partners Digital Seniors, a Belgian company. The idea is to keep the connection between generations. 
We'd like to suggest a tablet for the seniors around you, so that they can get in touch with you and vice versa. 

In concrete terms, here is what we suggest:The Senior Tab


  • 349€ VAT included

Good to know, the often have promotions, have a look on the website : Digital Seniors


A one-year subscription for the game application (Jo or Edith version) from Dynseo. 



Are you running out of time to take care of your parents or of another senior person in your personal environment ? 

Do you want to set up assistance or a specific support for them ? 

Do you wish to be released from your daily and purely material obligations towards them ?  

Are you looking for someone to help you coordinate your loved ones’ life organization ? 


We know that it is sometimes extremely difficult, if not impossible, to manage your own family life, work life and your aging parents or loved ones’ lives. Do call on us ! We can help you tackle many of these problems and address their needs. 


Depending on your needs and wishes, we can take over the following : 

  • General administrative tasks : pick-up and sort-out mail, follow-up and filing of documentation. Assistance regarding administrative formalities such as : documents requests, refunds, allowances, loan of medical equipment, etc. 

  • Shop and do the groceries (supermarket, post office, pharmacy, dry cleaner,…)

  • Schedule appointments and drive (hairdresser, doctor, …)

  • Book transport tickets, cultural events and shows tickets, restaurants, hotels, and other various activities

  • Deliver nice soups and delicious dishes

  • Find qualified people for small-scale maintenance work in the house (garden maintenance, plumbing, carpentry, electricity, painting, …)

  • Simply come to chat, read a book or play board games

  • Organize a diner party (find and manage a caterer, flowers, send invitations,…)

  • Escort to an exhibition or to an art show

  • Go for a cup of coffee

Do not waist anymore time and let "GOLDEN AGE" help you. Thanks to our unique service, aging becomes easy. You can count on us,

we are trustworthy people. 

The cost of our services is about 50€/hour.


Meeting with us does not require any commitment on your part and will cost you nothing. It is completely FREE. 



How does it work ?

During first meeting, your GOLDEN organizer (personel assistant) will be dedicated to listen to you and to your specific needs in order to be able to rapidly present and design a solution that fits your situation. 


For the success of our collaboration, we will start by answering your urgent requests and at the time we will also take a moment to list all useful and important information related to you and to your parents’ day-to-day life in what we like to call a ”Life Inventory", if you wish so, of course.

​We will then handle the management of general administrative tasks and a majority of our proposed services. Some specific services will however be provided by "GOLDEN AGE" ‘s list of trusted suppliers.


In order to facilitate our communication, you will be assigned a single contact person within "GOLDEN AGE". 

Who Am I?

As many other women, I am multitasking. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a godmother, an aunt, a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law and, above all, I am ME, Sibylle, a woman in her forties.


My family, friends and GOLDEN Age are the primary focus of my life. 

In my free time, I like to cook, play sports and enjoy life to the fullest.


​Human relations are extremely important to me, and my personal experience makes me want to help people who need it. Help the elderly and their children : that is the reason I decided to create "GOLDEN AGE".

I am totally French-Dutch bilingual and speaking English is not a problem for me.

​One word, and Sibylle does it all... but alone today, I can't offer assistance to everyone, that's why I decided to surround myself with trustworthy people who work with the same values as me, the "GOLDEN Organizers".


GOLDEN Organizers

Marie-Pierre Vercauteren - Ghent

Marie-Pierre Vercauteren, married, 53 years old and having 2 children aged 25 and 23, Estelle and Arnaud.
I am perfectly bilingual, French-Dutch and I am fluent in English.
For 35 years I worked in a goldsmith's workshop in Ghent, which was also specialized in tableware.
The shop finally closed down and I was looking for a new challenge.
Being a trustworthy, discreet, patient person, I felt that Golden Age is what I need.
Listening to people, seeing how to help them, whether it be administrative, computer, purely practical or emotional, I will put my heart and soul into finding solutions to any kind of problem and any kind of constraint.
My first goal is to be of service to the elderly, to help them and to lighten their daily life.
I will do everything to ensure that Golden Age services are worth their weight in gold!

Eline de Zeeuw - Ghent

Mother of 3 grown up boys.

In both my professional life and private life, relational aspects and providing personal service, are important to me.

I would be pleased to assist seniors in the Ghent area, who are looking for some extra attention or support. 

At our first meeting we will find out and determine your specific wishes and needs.

By taking over practical, administrative and organizational tasks, you will be able to continue enjoying everyday life with less worries or stress.


Anne-Catherine Brabant - Brussels

As a mother of 13-year-old twins, a few months ago I decided to leave my position to go down a path in which I felt more aligned with my values, in a socially useful project where I could satisfy my permanent desire to help others.

Discreet, privileging human relations with empathy, my ability to listen, my sense of confidentiality will allow me to accurately determine your needs in order to implement the appropriate solutions.

By joining Golden Age, I follow my values by supporting seniors, building relationships and providing them with personalized, trusting and effective help at both the administrative and organizational levels.

Priscilla de Hennin - Brabant Wallon

Married and mother of 3 children.

After 15 years of activities in the travel sector to organize and realize the dreams of my customers, I want to develop my professional career.

I now want to devote my time to help those in need as much as possible. Equipped with the ability to listen and to be patient, my mission now is to lighten everyday life and the constraints of everyday life for others. Contacts in both professional and private life are essential to me.

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Juliette et Victor - May 2020

La Libre Essentielle - Spécial Senior (April 2020)

L'Eventail Magazine  - May 2019

Wolvendael - March 2019 (p.127)



« Thanks to Sibylle’s help and kindness,

my day-to-day life has become a real pleasure.

No more stress, no need to worry anymore. My children and I are very happy.  ».


« Many thanks to Sibylle ! Her precious help, her advice, her good mood and her energy allow us to let our mother (and grand-mother) live in her own house and hopefully for as long as possible . Thank you ! »






mister genius

mister genius, the local IT specialist.


We offer you to be the point of contact for everything related to IT, from the internet connection provider to the smartphone, the Pc, the tablet and the PC.  

No more searching for whom to contact in case of a problem. We offer you a complete service.  

We are here to assist you with any IT problems you may encounter. We also offer training courses for the use of all these devices but also for their repair. is a free website with explanatory tutorials in video or text format on the basic tools for the proper use of your smartphone / computer / tablet. For example, you can learn how to surf the internet, how to shop online or how to create accounts on social networks. is a voluntary and civic initiative launched by young students from Louvain-la-Neuve who want to help isolated people by teaching them how to use the computer tools and functionalities of their devices.

GREAT Traiteur, Event caterer based in Brussels since 2011 offering a wide range of cuisines for a variety of events. Teamed with a creative and talented staff excelling in the use of seasonal, quality locally sourced products;


Maître D’hôtel and experienced waiting staff, providing an efficient and discreet service.

An incomparable sense of detail is given to these two components in order to create a unique atmosphere during your events.

GREAT Traiteur

Digital Seniors - Technologies available to all

​Digital Seniors offers tools (Tablets and smartphones) to meet the challenge of computer use by elderly and/or dependent people, which promotes autonomy and security.  In the form of a tablet, "Seniors Tab" facilitates the implementation of new technologies in the daily lives of older people and simplifies remote contact with family and friends.  With a clear and ergonomic interface, it will allow the user to have fun, learn, be informed, work on his or her memory and reflexes, particularly through cognitive stimulation games.

SOS Infirmier

"A mixed team of competent home care nurses. Young and dynamic in the regions of Watermael-Boitsfort, Auderghem, Uccle, Woluwe-saint-Lambert."


Lifewishes allows us to express ourselves as well about our experiences, about our convictions as about what we would like to leave behind, to say, to share with words and images to those who are dear to us.

David B. - Handyman


Everything David touches turns into gold. He is fully dedicated to GOLDEN AGE ‘s members and can do your small-scale work.

Cédric V.W. - Gardener


manages GOLDEN AGE members‘ gardens (hedges, driveways, terrace, lawn, etc…) and he will give you advice on indoor plants too if you need it.

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